Active with Petra

Website presenting an active exercise program for companies. Petra Poznič completed her undergraduate and postgraduate education in Exercise Sciences at universities in the United States. She now shares her worldwide experience through a variety of health movement programs she created. She is active in local health associations, and you may have spotted her in various television reports.

I still remember the day when Petra and I met at an indoor multis competition. I also remember the trepidation before the competition, as my original discipline was javelin throw. In a pretty nervous state, I was just hoping to finish the entire weekend of competition.

I attacked all disciplines well, but I was afraid of the last one, the 800 m run. Ugh, a timed run. Even now as I write about this experience a bit of nerves. The body is ready, but my thoughts are boiling with doubt who am I to run on medium distances when my original event is javelin throw. The starter gun goes off and Petra and I take off. After a couple of laps, when I visibly faint, I meet coach Petra.

During the time trial, Petra’s positive attitude came to light. She said some encouraging words, added a couple of technical tips and together we successfully completed the competition. I don’t have to explain at length that our friendship continues on today.

Petra is still a powerhouse encouraging person to this day. During her studies, she gained experience as an assistant coach of the university team, and after returning to Slovenia, started to develop active programs for everyone who want a healthy exercise adapted to their needs. An exercise that combines science and lightness that is accessible to everyone.

In addition to the already successful Telovadnica Atlet, Petra decided to launch a program Active with Petra, which is created to promote health and exercise at a workplace. After our conversation, we agreed that a website presentation, with which Petra can approach companies and help them reach employee health goals, is the right choice for growth of her vision: Through active exercise to health.


Petra was looking for a professional presentation of the active employee health program she developed for companies. It needed a website that would act as a business card, and provide a way for companies to send requests for services. Petra wanted a website that is effective for business while offering the opportunity to expand in the future.


We decided to set up an online business card, which contains a short presentation of the program. The site presents Petra and its professional background, as well as available programs for businesses. The site includes a link through which potential customers can book a time for an online consultation. The site is also integrated with a marketing platform.

“For my ideas to come to life online, Saša was definitely the best possible solution and the engine that propelled and sought solutions until I was satisfied with the final product. In addition, it is still available to me with new tips and suggestions to improve already completed websites. Saša was definitely a great choice for making my websites.” - Petra