Website and photography for a personal brand Multiverse by Andreja Košir was built to inspire all those who seek inner peace to connect with nature through yoga and meditation practice. Andreja shares a wealth of knowledge of the benefits offered by internal growth practices and the healing effects of calming the mind through breathing. The website offers interested parties to access yoga and meditation in gorgeous nature in Jezersko or online.

When I first met Andreja during the PONI Gorenjska presentation, I was taken by her clear vision, detailed plan and outlined path to realize her business idea. I knew Andreja was the whole package. Thoughtful, strong writer, strategic thinker, all while calm and confident with her feet planted on solid ground. When she asked me if I would make her a personal brand website dedicated to sharing knowledge of the effects our connection with nature has on us, I was thrilled!

Andreja, who in the past created and acted as the editor-in-chief of a successful magazine spreading positive infectious ideas, is now carrying out the mission of spreading knowledge and activities that bring us closer to nature. For the development of a personal brand, it was important that Andreja’s website reflects even what cannot be said in words.

Andreja wanted the website to reflect her true image and what’s better than photography depicting an environment that brings a magical flow of energies. On a beautiful sunny morning, Andreja and I went on a photoshoot in the unspoiled nature in Jezersko.

The photos we captured that morning became a canvas for a personalized visual image, while Andreja’s knowledge became a wealth of information she offers to her readers.

The website not only spreads knowledge, but also allows visitors to reach out and book their yoga and meditation experience in the beautiful nature in Jezersko and online.


Andreja had a vision and a goal to expand her yoga practice, meditation and to raise awareness of the positive effects of nature, online. She needed a website that would allow her brand to grow. The most important part was setting up a blog where Andreja could present her mission.


Andreja and I designed the basic concept to meet the needs of customers who would like to take a step closer with connecting to themselves and nature. Andreja chose a visual concept from which we continued building on with content and function. The landing page presents the science of nature, Andreja’s offer of guided yoga and meditation, and a way for people to connect and participate in practices.

It is even more important for a personal brand to be supported with original photography that really highlights Andreja’s true vision.

“I can say that the project was successful mainly because of Saša’s great dedication, flexibility and professional approach, but above all because of her desire to create the best possible product: a responsive, stable, secure and optimized website, which she succeeded in. I also turned Saša to the next web project, and I absolutely recommend her to all owners of micro and small businesses, as she offers top-quality web solutions and services tailored to them.” - Andreja