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Hi, I'm Saša, here to take your business online.

Speed up your online business introduction

Invest in a website build with modern architecture. Website performance that sets you apart form your competition. User experience that elevates your exceptional business offer.

Top Three Advantages


Speed ​​matters. After a 2-second loading content delay 87% of users bounce.


Content delivery network (CDN) distributes content based on user's geographic location.


With both systems and moving parts removed from the hosting infrastructure, reduction of servers provides for a greater security against attacks.

Recent Projects

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"I can say that the project was successful mainly due to Saša's great sacrifice, flexibility and professional approach. Above all was her desire to create the best possible product: a responsive, stable, secure and optimized website, which she also succeeded in doing. I will definitely contact Saša for my next web project, and I absolutely recommend her to all micro and small businesses owners, as she offers top-quality web solutions and services tailored to them."

Andreja, Multiverse by Andreja Košir

Aktivno s Petro

Aktivno s Petro

"Saša was definitely the best possible solution for my ideas to come to life online. She was the engine that propelled and sought solutions until I was satisfied with the final product. She is still available for new tips and suggestions for my website updates. Saša was definitely a great choice for making my websites."

Petra, Aktivno s Petro in Telovadnica Atlet

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Personalized web photography.

Osveži svoje spletne vsebine z naravnimi fotografijami. Za preobleko spletne strani ali mesec vsebin na družbenih omrežijh.
Paket vključuje do 30 min. posvet, 1 lokacijo, 2 različna izgleda, 90 min. fotografiranja, 25 urejenih fotografij pripravljenih za splet.

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Hi, I'm Saša👋

Out-of-the-box thinker. Mentor. Extrovert.

My mission is to help organizations and individuals present their business online. I believe the work you do is important, so I’d love to help you find customized digital solutions that would elevate your business to another level.

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